Change Log


Show an alert for unpaid/past due invoices.


Move Sale units quicker through our system.


Block tech from adding the same part twice.


Items in the cart now show the discounted price/promo price.


Allow the creation of PROMOs/Sales


Remove "Device" Column from pending estimates and replace with location.


Allow customers to lookup warranty on respironics, invacare and drive units.

Auto warranty search when the driver enters units, so they can reject them before taking them.


Fixed MISC parts not sending to QBO

Fixed labor rate not sending to QBO


Allow employees to edit the transfer if POs are required but not entered at the time of the signature.

This allows the XPRT to add POs then save and send the transfer form to the customer once POs are received.


Go live with Quickbooks online. Link all parts, vendors, and clients.


Save "Unit Count" to session data so consecutive loads are faster and the server isn't abused


Customers can now selected what happens to a unit when they deny it. (Have it returned or scraped.)


After a unit is denied/approved it will update the status of the unit. (Approved, Waiting to be repaired/Denied, Waiting to be scraped or returned)


Setup REDIS server to manage user sessions. This means we can run multiple servers without interrupting users by making them constantly login when servers switch.


Secure PDFs from unauthorized access

Can now run on its own server once DB sessions are being used.


Create TimeSheet for employees under "My Account"


Log Adjustments of inventory.

Add "CUSTOMER SUPPLIED" when selecting parts on repairs, this type wont affect XPRTs inventory.

Small changes to sales rep payout cron job.

Finish Dashboard + 2 other pages for sales reps.


Allow admin to import parts into quickbooks if they are not already linked to a QB item.

Create a Bill in QBO when a PO is received.


Allow admin to edit "Extras" for estimates and accounts.


Allow admin to disconnect from quickbooks.






Allow admin to edit customer notes - notes will pop up on all units when viewing.


Create estimate numbers, put them on the estimate, show them on the repair page, search them on the units page.

Remove unit history tab under "Transfer"

Show customer name on unit history page

Search Transfers by customer name

Create a log for unit notes so we know when they were added and by who

Show XPRT units by days

Upload all pictures for models, We are still missing ~54 service manuals but mostly for older units

Add "Estimate Denied" on denied estimates, show total amount before denied and show billed amount that customer pays

Add notes to vendors - IE: URL, Login, Other details

Send Invoices to QB (SandBox)

Allow units to be added onto the PO so we know where they come from when bought


Allow drivers to scan 525s and 1025s, the small square barcode.


Release Unit History to beta testers.

/technician/units/unit.php, /technician/repair/repair.php

Allow notes to be added to units.

/purchasing/PO/view.php, /admin/accounts/vendors/vendors.php

Add a section for account notes, and a website url.


Disable button if repair ticket is closed.

Core Update (5.2.5 to 5.2.6)

Update the UserSpice core.


Fix title for tabs.


Force user to enter a reason to adjust inventory.

/driver/transfer/view.php, /driver/transfer/new.php

Add verification so you can't submit the form twice. (CSRF)
When clicking a yellow line make the estimate only show when you click the serial number.
When sending all estimates mark them as sent. (API)


Add a warning before sending the estimate so you don't send it on accident.


Increase the char length for the approve/deny reason so customers can type more.


Add the ability to search by PO and Serial Number.

Core Update (5.2.3 to 5.2.5)

Update the UserSpice core.

driver/transfer/historyv2.php > driver/transfer/history.php

Upgrade unit history. Instead of loading all units at once show only the unit you searched for.


Add step "any" to shipping charge so you can enter decimales.

/driver/transfer/new.php, /usersc/includes/custom_functions.php

Rename "pick up" to "transfer in" and "drop off" to "transfer out"


Create a change log file, add to footer